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Exploring the Fun of a Day at the Arcade in the Smokies

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Young boy playing an arcade basketball game.

Remember running around your childhood arcade, pitting yourself against the Skee-Ball machines, and attempting to accumulate enough tickets for that one prize you really wanted? Those experiences of family fun were sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face—not only did they provide exciting entertainment, but also serve as an opportunity for parents and their children to bond.

When the rain pours, or it's just too hot to be outside, the best arcade games in the Smokies are the perfect solution for everyone in your group. Whether you want to play the latest games or enjoy fantastic food and drink while playing, there's an arcade that meets your needs.

Rockin' Raceway

Without a doubt, this is one destination you can't afford to miss while visiting Pigeon Forge. With a jukebox appearance, this arcade offers over 150 of today's most popular arcade games, plus an excellent go-kart racing track for hours of fun and friendly competition. Rockin' Raceway stays open until 11 pm (Midnight on weekends), ensuring everyone can play to their heart's content.

Arcade City

With a location at The Island, Arcade City is the perfect destination for the whole family. During your visit, you'll enjoy access to racing games, classic arcade games, take selfies, and lots more! In addition, you can win some seriously sweet prizes like Air Pods, Nintendo Switches, and other incredible items, making it worth the time investment.

When not playing, you'll already be in a prime position to enjoy everything else The Island offers, making it arguably the best option for fun things to do in the Smoky Mountains.

Big Top Arcade

Hailed as one of the best arcades available, Big Top Arcade is a circus-themed arcade that is bursting at the seams with fun games, from claw machines and pop-a-shot games to racing games and shooting games, and more. After playing, head to the redemption center to swap those virtual tickets for awesome prizes to take home with you.

Dave & Buster's

If you love food and drink but want to play the latest games, then Dave & Buster's is the perfect destination for your plans. Indulge in classic games like Skee-Ball or try out virtual reality games during your visit. When not playing, you'll love downing the drinks or grabbing some dessert after a yummy meal.

Downtown FlavorTown

More than a restaurant. More than a mere arcade. Guy Fieri's Downtown FlavorTown is the newest player on the scene, and they do a fantastic job of providing incredible food and family fun in one flawless combination. After eating, check out the 14-lane Duck Pin bowling alley or explore 10,000 square feet of state-of-the-art arcade games for nothing less than pure awesome. There's a full-service tiki bar for the adults, ensuring everyone in your group has an incredible time in FlavorTown.

Your Own Vacation Cabin Rental

All of our amazing cabin vacation rentals have their own arcade games. Continue the fun in private without coins for many more hours of fun! Do you have kids with endless energy? Let them continue to play in the cabin while you relax in the hot tub or on the porch watching the sunset behind the mountains. Or if you are still up for games, show your kids your mad arcade skills! Either way, there is something for everyone each day of your Smoky Mountain vacation!

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