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Jacqueline & Sam

Operations Manager &


Are you a busy Airbnb host? New to hosting? A busy investor with no interest in management? Unhappy with your current rental management company? We’re here to help!

What is an Airbnb Co-Host?

Co-Hosts help Airbnb listing owners take care of their home and guests. They can also act as the Primary Host on behalf of the property owner. Plus, Co-Hosts aren’t just limited to managing your listing, they can assist in all aspects of taking care of your home/investment just like a traditional Short Term Rental Management company but BETTER! And, don’t worry if your property isn’t already on the Airbnb platform. We’ll handle that for you as well!


What we can do:

 Consultation & Design

  • Self-Management Training 

  • Build Out a Listing of Your Own

  • Optimize your Existing Listing

  • Drone, Video, and Photography Coordination 

  • Home Staging

  • Customized Digital Guidebook for Guests

  • Design and layout consultation 

  • Channel Manager Set Up

 Hosting Services

  • Hiring and Coordination of Team Members (cleaners, handymen etc)

  • Screening of Guests

  • Guest Communication

  • Installation of Smart Home System (Locks, Cameras, Smart Thermostat)

  • Dynamic Pricing to Maximize Revenue

  • Supply Management and Inventory

  • Multi Calendar Coordination

  • Write Guest Reviews and Replies to Guest Reviews

  • Report Home Damage and Coordinate Service Repairs

 Project Management/Renovations

  • Provide Monthly Financial Analytics

  • Interviewing and Hiring of Vendors and Contractors

  • Creation of Timeline for Tasks to be Complete

  • Handling of Communication with Vendors and Contractors

  • Prepare Expense Report for Each Project

What sets us apart from other Co-Hosts?

  • 24/7 Guest Communication.

  • I have an established network of professionals who help us keep ours and others’ homes clean and maintained. I DO NOT go onto Facebook and hire random people we don’t know and send into your property. All of the individuals we work with provide a W-9 up front and are bonded and insured.

  • Airbnb/VRBO property owner in multiple markets.

  • I have been an Airbnb travelers for 8+ years and hosts for 4+ years.

  • I am a Superhost and Premier Host with an average rating of 4.95 for Airbnb and 5 stars for VRBO. 

  • I have direct access to the Senior Account Manager at VRBO.

  • Errors and Omissions plus Liability Insurance (Proper Insurance)

  • Revenue optimization


What our guests had to say about us as hosts

  • “Jacqueline was an amazing host!” - Whitney, Rincon, GA, Airbnb Guest December 2022

  • “Hosts were wonderful and quick to respond.” - Katie, Alpharetta, GA, Airbnb Guest October 2022

  • “Communication with Jacqueline was easy and reliable” - Stan, Airbnb Guest December 2022

  • “The response time on questions asked during our stay was very quick!” - Kristin, Morganton, NC, Airbnb Guest August 2022

  • “Jacqueline thought of everything to make you feel at home away from home.” - Kristen, Waukee, IA, Airbnb Guest July 2023

  • “Jacqueline blew our expectations out of the water” - Ana Luisa, Winston-Salem, NC, Airbnb Guest October 2023

Why did I decide to become a Co-Host?

My Personal Experience…

“I chose to host my properties myself because I felt no one could take better care of them than I will! And, I discovered that to be true. When I purchased my first STR property a few years back, it was a rental being managed by one of the top rental companies that touts their excellent services. So, I’m sure the out-of-sight owners felt it was in good hands. They couldn’t have been more wrong! There was thick dust everywhere, not one pillow protector used (yuck), receipts and food wrappers under the beds dating back three years, and many of the lights were burned out. I noticed how a cleaner would show up after a week-long group of “partiers” and be done in an hour. And, these were the MINOR issues! Is this how you’d like for your home/investment to be treated by renters or those you’re paying to care for it? If not, then consider me as your Co-Hosting partner! I will treat your property as if it is one of my own, with an attention to detail and an eye to maximize potential.”

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